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Blue Curlyfurs Mongolian Tibetan Lamb Fur

Mongolian Tibetan Lamb Fur

All our Mongolian Tibetan lamb fur are selected of finest grade quality by skillful masters.

Lamb Fur Rugs

Lamb Fur Rugs

Our these animal skin rugs are very pretty attractive with nicest softest and good curly hairs.

Pink Mongolian Tibetan Lamb Fur


Mongolian lamb fur only originates in northwest China, famous for long curly silky wool, widely applied in furniture, upholestery interior, pillows/throws/rugs/carpets, home decors, and fashion industries. As an experienced wholesaler in curly fur business over generations, Shijiazhuang Curlyfur is a trustworthy partner if you are searching quality skins of real furs! We can customize various designs, sizes and colors with Mongolian Tibetan lamb fur according to customers’ requirements, and LOWEST prices will be available for BULK WHOLESALE order.

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Why Choose Us Curlyfur?

Where does Mongolian Tibetan lamb fur come?

Exclusively originated from vast grassland with rich resouces in Northwest China, featuring of its long curly soft fibres, Mongolian lamb fur have been getting to be one of most popular fur materials widely applied in home upholstery and fashion industries over generations. Usually the wool fleece length ranges 9-13cm, occasionally may reach 15cm, and there are several curls on same wool hairs. Half curls and full curls are found as result of different genetic characteristics. Sometimes It’s also known as Tibetan sheepskin fur.

Tibetan Lamb Fur Plate

What is Mongolian Tibetan lamb fur famous for?

Mongolian Tibetan fur is known for its long and twisted wool fibres. This dramatic natural fibre is a key design-staple for many home décor looks, attractive fashion coats, tote handbag and etc. We can customize various color style like solid colors, 2-toned/frosted/white tips, multi-colored, gradient colors with premium quality Monoglian Tibetan lamb skins to meet different demands of global buyers.

Mongolian Lamb Skin

How will people use Mongolian Tibetan lamb fur?

With luxurious and soft curly wool, it make Mongolian Tibetan lamb fur unique and ideal for a wide range of beautiful accent rugs, pillows, cushions, throws, beanbags, carpets, and bed runners for home & furnituring decors. With their distinctive long curly wool fibres, they bring uncompromising natural luxury and opulence into the home. The colour ranges for Tibetan lambskins are very dynamic and well suited to accents in the home. Our team members are true expert in interior design and fashion, and we’ve helped every space from the coziest homes to the most lavish resorts.

Tibetan Sheepskin Fur

Why source Mongolian Tibetan lamb fur from Us Curlyfur?

At Curlyfur, we have made it our mission to provide the finest quality Mongolian lamb skins to our customers not only in Cina but around the globe.
With over-generations development, we understand the importance of quality when it comes to fur materials. We have learned techniques and gained first-hand experience from farm ranch to leading tanneries and dyeing factories to build a portfolio of excellence.
We select our Mongolian fur skins with best qualities, and take eco-friendly tanning and color dyeing treatment to ensure the highest levels of consistency and continuity in our warehouse stock. Each leather hide and skin in our comprehensive collection is hand-picked to turn any of your each projects into the masterpiece.

Tibetan Fur Pillows

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Mongolian Tibetan Lamb Fur
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