Fact On Mongolian Lamb Fur

Gray Mongolian Lamb Fur Skin
Pink Color Tibetan Sheep Fur Hide

Mongolian lamb fur is a kind of curly crimped fur that people use to make fun fluffy cushions, pillows, throws and rugs, come from the young Mongolian sheeps. It’s also well known as Tibetan fur.

This breed of lambs are specifically raised in Northwest China where rich resources of mineral water, forage grass, and dry climate are available over thousands years.

Native people at local are mainly Hui nationality, also called Muslim people, they take mutton of lambs as main meat source, so these lambskins are actually kind of by-products from local meat sloughterhouses.

These lambskins are a wonderful option to make various popular and fashion items for home and fashion as result of its unique and famous long silky curly wool.

Local farmers and international traders have been working together to develop this fur to be big success in world markets.

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