FAQs On Mongolian Fur

Oyster Silver Tipped Mongolian Fur Panels
Dark Grey Frosted Tip Tibetan Sheepskin Leather

Q: Does my Mongolian fur need any special attention when I first receive it?
A: Yes! you can shake out the fur when you receive it and I recommend to do this on a regular basis.
Simply take hold of one end and shake in one direction then flip, then pop it on!
This will shake out some loose hairs and restore the full luxe volume of your fur.

Q: How do I care for my Mongolian Fur items
A: If the fur get dirt, I recommend to spot clean: wipe it out carefully with a cloth or a sponge, and only very a bit of soap or shampoo if needed.
Avoid rubbing the curl, it is better to wet the fur and wipe small strands of curl at a time. Avoid direct exposure to light.
If a full cleaning is required, I recommend dry cleaning with professionals.

Q: Is Mongolian lamb fur cruel?
A: The answer is NO. Mongolian lambs that are raised on the steppes have a completely different way of lifestyle compared to farmed animals.
They are free to roam around during the day grazing on wild grass and during the night they come back to their ranch.
The native people raising the lambs are Hui Nationality, also known as Muslim, they take lamb mutton as main meat source at local living.
Fur skins are acturally kind of by product of meat industry, and we only buy the skins from slaughterhouse with qualified certificates.

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