Mongolian Tibetan Lamb Fur Pillow
OriginNingxia, China
Fur QualityGrade A
Backing SizeRound, 40cm Diameter
Backing TreatmentMicrofiber Suede
CustomizeColors, Sizes, Double Sides Fur
Wholesale OrdersAccepted, email us for BEST Prices
Product CareSpot clean, avoid direct sunlight exposure
Features And Benefits

Our Mongolian Tibetan lamb fur pillows are selected in best quality by skillful masters, and each skin has finest silky long and super soft wool. Mix a tasteful touch of texture into your room’s cape with this on-trend throw pillow. Featuring a wool fur front in a solid hue, this square design brings a bit of fashion-forward flair to any space. Zipper closure on the microsuede back makes it easy to slip off the cover whenever it needs a pick-me-up.
The insert provides cushioning as you relax and unwind. These Mongolian Tibetan lamb fur pillows are sure to stand out among the rest decors in home. With a long curly fluffy wool, you can place it at any furniture of your living spaces, one the bad, sofa, chair, floor carpet, etc. They will definitely make home look exotic luxurious and inviting pleasure.

Our Service

We sell Mongolian Tibetan lamb fur pillows by wholesale, pls email us for best prices for bulk orders. As an experienced supplier in fur business over generations, Curlyfur is a trustworthy partner if you are searching quality skins of real furs!

Knowleadge: Genuine Fur VS Faux Fur

Real fur is very soft and smooth whereas faux fur is a bit course and can feel different or rough in humid conditions. Genuine fur is the warmest insulator available and is breathable. Fur has been keeping humans warm since the first recordings of mankind. Faux fur is not comparable when it comes to warmth. Genuine is a natural resource and only a portion of what is produced by nature without depleting the resource or damaging the natural habitats that sustains them. Plants and animals generally produce more than the land can support to maturity. Faux fur is produced from non-renewable resources and generally made from petroleum. The production and disposal of these chemicals can cause environmental problems.


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Mongolian Tibetan Lamb Fur Plates in Various Colors

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